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Introduction to Electronic Packaging Technology


   Electronic packaging is a challenging and engaging area. It is integrated circuit chip production is completed after an indispensable process, is the device to the system bridge. Packaging This production segment has a significant impact on the quality and competitiveness of microelectronics products. According to the current international popular view that the overall cost of microelectronic devices, the design accounted for one-third of the chip production accounted for one-third, while the packaging and testing also accounted for one-third, really three There are one in the world. The development of packaging research is so rapid on a global scale, and the challenges and opportunities it faces are never seen since the advent of electronics; the breadth of packaging is much more common in many other areas , It needs from the material to the process, from inorganic to polymer, from large-scale production equipment to computational mechanics, and so many seemingly unrelated experts concerted efforts, is a very comprehensive new high-tech disciplines.
       What is an electronic packaging? The initial definition is to protect the circuit chip from the effects of the surrounding environment (including physical and chemical effects). Therefore, in the initial microelectronic package, is the use of metal cans (metalcan) as a shell, with the outside world completely isolated, airtight way to protect the fragile electronic components. However, with the development of integrated circuit technology, especially the chip passivation layer technology continues to improve, the packaging function is also slowly alienated. It is generally believed that the package has four main functions, namely, power distribution, signal distribution, cooling and packaging protection, its role is from the integrated circuit device to the connection between the system, including electrical connections and physical connections. At present, the integrated circuit chip I / O lines more and more, their power supply and signal transmission are through the package to achieve the connection with the system; chip faster and faster, more and more power, making Chip heat dissipation is becoming more and more serious; the importance of encapsulation to protect the function of the circuit is diminishing due to the improved quality of the chip passivation layer.

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