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Suzhou Road Construction Electronics Co., Ltd. official website officially opened


After more than a month of hard work, Suzhou Jian Road Electronics Co., Ltd. officially opened the official website, marking the determination of the road to innovation and development, with a more new image to the distinguished visitors to show the style of the road, the company in the The first time for our customers to provide convenient and efficient service as the goal. In the 21st century is the era of information technology, the opening of our new website marks the company in the information technology construction once again walk in the forefront of the industry!
       Over the years, Jianshe people have a desire, that is, to become organic silicon semiconductor materials in the field of enterprise-class enterprises, which is our goal, but also our work standards. Let us work together for our goals and work standards.

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Add:Room 727, Su Shangxin, 555 Guantang Road, Suzhou City, Suzhou, China

Website main products:Transistor Transistor SOT-23-6 Package SOP-8 Package Low Voltage MOS High Voltage MOS Integrated Circuit Memory IC

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