Company culture

Corporate culture is the driving force of enterprise development, the spirit of the country, winning the policy.All the Taoist people should have a common soul, a common belief, a common responsibility, a common goal.

First, adhere to the importance of corporate culture and the need for construction

As a subsidiary of South China and North China, with the expansion of the business area of silicon rubber sheet, the company will usher in a self-innovation across the industry and strengthen and improve its position in the same industry. The new task and the realization of the next few years the development goals of the new requirements, adhere to the core concept of corporate culture, corporate culture into the development of the company appears to be urgent. Through the introduction of advanced management concepts, and constantly deepen the optimization and optimization of our corporate culture, is conducive to improving the company's operational management level, is conducive to the healthy growth of employees. This is also the preservation of the company's strength and growing needs. Is to achieve the company striving for the status of South China's largest agent in North China an important guarantee.

Second, the core concept of corporate culture is to adapt to the new situation of the spiritual power.

In the past six years of business practice, our company has a certain degree of corporate culture accumulation, through years of theoretical exploration and practice in the attempt, all employees continue to improve the ideological awareness, the basic structure of corporate culture gradually formed Promote the development of the company's business play a positive role in the spirit of advancing with the times, and actively deepen, in the traditional enterprise on the basis of integration of innovation, into the contemporary advanced values and business philosophy. The formation of an effective driving force, the company can advance the way forward to provide spiritual food.

Third, responsibility and play

Responsibility can make people strong, you can explore the potential and ability of employees to play is to accept and take responsibility, regardless of individual or collective should be courage to play, know, understand the responsibility of self, clear their duties, assume their own jobs Responsibility, work by oppression, passive into a proactive, and enjoy the fun of work, to achieve the results of happiness. If everyone can play their role and responsibility in their posts, then the whole company is a well-crafted coffee machine, unity is strength, every link is interlocking, each section can control just right , Every time it is made out of a cup of delicious delicious coffee. This is inseparable from the high sense of responsibility of the staff, the responsibility of the heart no matter where you are the best job.

Fourth, love and mutual help

Modern enterprise management more humane, more with the characteristics of the times, to do the intimate staff, to ensure that all people, the interests of the state and the interests of enterprises in advance to start, in order to improve staff cohesion and work motivation as the goal, adhere to the staff Love, mutual help, respect, from life care, skills, and so on.

Fifth, inheritance and innovation

"Quality of survival, to service development" is the Taoist has been sincere purpose, with the current fierce competition in the market, corporate culture is the evergreen life of enterprises, the spirit of the enterprise enterprises of the quality of the product quality values. Adhere to our own fine traditions, introduce new ideas, methods, means, form our own advantages. Strong self.

To sum up

Responsibility to play care for mutual aid innovation Six core concept is not independent, but to promote each other, complement each other. Every part of the company will be the company's business and development as their responsibility to the attitude of the owner to create a better future, with a high sense of responsibility to do their jobs. Will be able to create unity, fraternity, harmony of the collective, the staff dare to play, corporate responsibility, to achieve sustainable development.

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