What is the encapsulation of electronic components?

       Electronic components in the package, refers to the silicon chip on the circuit pins, wire connected to the external connector, in order to connect with other devices. Package is the installation of semiconductor integrated circuit chip with the shell.
       It is not only installed, fixed, sealed, protective chip and enhance the performance of electric and other aspects of the role, but also through the chip contacts connected to the package with the lead wire pin, the pin through the printed circuit board wire And other devices connected to the internal chip to achieve the connection with the external circuit.
       Because the chip must be isolated from the outside world to prevent the impurities in the air on the chip circuit corrosion caused by electrical performance degradation. On the other hand, the packaged chip is easier to install and transport.
       Because the packaging technology is also a direct impact on the performance of the chip itself and the connection with the PCB (printed circuit board) design and manufacturing, so it is essential.

What are the electronic packaging materials?

Electronic packaging materials are mainly four categories to support, metal, glass, ceramics, optoelectronic materials. Metal packaging is the use of metal as the shell material, the wire through the metal shell most of the use of a packaging technology, the corresponding other materials These materials have played a significant role in the installation, support and connection of environmental protection, and have better thermal conductivity, conductive heat dissipation and shielding capabilities than other materials of the same type.

What are the raw materials for semiconductor packaging?

The vast majority of packages are packaged in plastic, raw materials are mainly resin, the other will use metal leads and metal pins. High-end packages such as ceramic packaging, raw materials are mainly ceramics, including the substrate and the shell, there will be metal wire and Filler.

What is a semiconductor package?

       The packaging of semiconductor electronic components not only serves to connect the internal integrated circuit chip bonding point and the external electrical formation, but also provides a stable and reliable working environment for the integrated circuit, which plays the role of mechanical or environmental protection for the integrated circuit chip. , Integrated circuit package should have a strong mechanical properties, good electrical performance, thermal performance and chemical stability of the quality of the package and the overall performance of the integrated circuit is very good or bad relationship.
       Different types of integrated circuits, the use of occasions and the requirements of different air tightness, and its processing methods and packaging materials are also different early integrated circuit, the packaging material using organic resin and wax mixture, filled or filled with the method of sealing, Reliability is poor; also used rubber seal, but its heat, pressure and electrical performance are not good, has been eliminated. At present, the popular airtight packaging materials are ceramic-metal, glass metal and low-melting glass - ceramics, etc. Due to mass production and reduce the cost of demand, there are many integrated circuits using plastic packaging materials, which mainly use thermosetting resin through Mold heating and pressurization method to complete the package, the reliability depends on the characteristics of organic resins and additives and molding conditions.Plastic packaging materials are non-airtight materials, the heat resistance is poor, and has a hygroscopicity.

What are the packages in the electronic package?

       There are many forms of electronic packaging, one of which is surface mount type, this package has a feature of the ball-type contact display. In the arrangement of the way to create a lot of coarse riveting points used to replace the pin, the surface of the substrate assembly of electronic chips. Finally sealed package. Also the pin requires a lot of electronic products commonly used in a package form. Mainly used in several places, such as mobile phones, mobile phone equipment. In the future may be used most of the computer. Another model is a glass sealed electronic package. With a window, the cooling performance is more than the above plastic materials to a lot. In the harsh conditions can still be unaffected.

What is the meaning of electronic packaging?

       Electronic packaging We also called electronic sintering, is the electronic chip protective cover, the electronic products play a protective and insulation of the external environment of the ability of electronic packaging products depends on the sintering of the product process is beautiful, which is directly determine the product Good and bad. Electronic packaging products on the role of electronic equipment is extremely important, if the packaging shell problems, it is bound to affect the most important electronic chip to bring the whole package of equipment damage, so the corresponding derivative of an electronic packaging test industry The

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