Jiandao Electronics was founded in 2010,Is one of the subsidiaries of hongkong JYD International Trading Co., Ltd. Is the authorized agent of SHIN-ETSU with BLUESTAR.To provide customers with quality products, low cost price,Actively expand the market.With the development of the company, the establishment of the Chongqing  office and wuhan Office,The main business of RTV silicone, heat conduction silicone sheet, semiconductor packaging materials, silicone oil, silicone resin, silane coupling agent, defoaming agent, foaming agent, release agent, paint additives, primer, silicon powder, heat shrinkable silicone rubber sleeve etc.......

The products are widely used in many fields of chemical industry, new energy, LED lighting, semiconductor packaging, automotive, communications, electronics, electrical appliances, train, and assembly industry, in the selection of products and applications to provide customers with professional technical support, product promotion and efficient solution......

We attach importance to talent introduction and cultivation, strengthen professional skills training, has a professional team trained with regularity and provide a vast space, rise, so that he's proud, wholehearted service to the company, to build a complete sales and service

Company values:

trust and respect for individuals in business activities to uphold integrity and the pursuit of excellence

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Website main products:Transistor Transistor SOT-23-6 Package SOP-8 Package Low Voltage MOS High Voltage MOS Integrated Circuit Memory IC

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