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In order to better serve users , Good customer service service at any time ,We will make the following commitment to the principle of "quality survival, service development":

1, commitment to product quality:

1), 100% imported, the quality of pure     

2), level authorized agents, sources of formal channels, certificates complete;    

2,delivery promise:           

We assure you that the products supplied will be sent to the designated place at the time required and requested. If you have special requirements, you may consult with our company to ensure that the requirements are met in time.     

3, establish reasonable sales service management system and system:           

1),  pre-sales services. Set up a special sales service institutions, improve the technical training system, according to the actual situation of users recommend high-quality products, free trial samples, providing professional product usage. If necessary, professional and technical personnel should be arranged according to user's requirements to guide them.    

2), the sale of services. In order to prevent unnecessary losses caused by improper use of users, the company will arrange for professionals to provide technical guidance to users in the process of product use. Ensure that the product is properly used and that the user is safe and secure.

3), after-sales service. Our company responds to after-sale technical services within 2 hours, and carries out professional technical guidance within 12 hours. For better customer service service products, users receive timely feedback, the company has a dedicated customer service service telephone: 18002882930, have professional staff to answer and timely feedback records, and provide a method to solve the problem. If necessary, on-site guidance, the company will arrange the relevant professionals within 24 hours to the designated location for timely guidance.

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