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Semiconductor Packaging Industry Research Report


   With the development of semiconductor technology, Moore's Law is near the edge of failure. IC chain on the industrial chain, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing the various aspects of the increasing difficulty, the technical threshold is also getting higher and higher, capital investment is growing. By a single enterprise covering the entire industry chain technology significantly increased the difficulty. Semiconductor industry chain to the professional, fine division of labor development is an inevitable trend.
         The overall growth of the global semiconductor industry slowed down, the industrial structure adjustment, production capacity in the region to re-distribution. Semiconductor industry developed areas and underdeveloped areas will be based on their own advantages in the semiconductor industry chain have different focus on the development. Packaging capacity transfer will continue, outsourcing packaging and testing industry growth is expected to go beyond the industry.
         Chip design industry technical barriers and wafer manufacturing industry financial barriers to decide, at this stage, the packaging and testing industry will be the focus of China's semiconductor industry development.
         In the traditional packaging process, the highest cost of gold. The current use of copper wire instead of gold is a big trend. The increase in the proportion of chip products shipped with copper wire leads to increased profitability of packaged enterprises.
         The development of semiconductor packaging in the direction of miniaturization and multi-I / O trend. Specific technical developments include multi-I / O pin-packaged BGA and small-footprint CSPs. WLSCP and TSV and other new technologies is expected to promote the chip packaging test to bring revolutionary progress.

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