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Semiconductor packaging capacity continued to shift


First, the semiconductor packaging link is essential. Semiconductor chip preparation process includes the chip design -> round crystal manufacturing -> packaging test. The so-called semiconductor "packaging" (Packaging) "is the semiconductor chip production process of the last process, is the integrated circuit with insulating material packaging technology. The packaging process has the following functions: power distribution (power distribution), signal distribution, cooling channels, isolation protection and mechanical support. The packaging process is a must for the chip, is also a crucial link. Because the chip must be isolated from the outside world to prevent the impurities in the air on the chip circuit corrosion caused by the decline in electrical performance. In addition, the packaged chip is also easier to install and transport. It can be said that the package is a semiconductor integrated circuit and circuit board link bridge, packaging technology is also a direct impact on the chip's own performance and PCB design and manufacturing.
      Second, with the development of the semiconductor industry, "Moore" law continued to ferment, IC chip integration to increase the geometric progression, line width dropped significantly. To INTEL CPU chip, for example, line width has been launched in 1978 by the 8086 3μm development to 2010 launched Corei7 45nm, the corresponding transistor integration from 29,000 to 780 million development. IC chain on the industrial chain, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing of all aspects of the difficulty of increasing the technical threshold is also getting higher and higher. At the same time as the technological level of the soaring and the expansion of the scale of the industrial chain in a number of links to the capital investment requirements also increased significantly. By a single enterprise to complete the entire industry chain process is more and more difficult. In such a big environment, the industrial chain to the professional, fine division of labor development is an inevitable trend.
      Third, the current global semiconductor industry chain can be summarized into several categories of participants: IDM integrated equipment manufacturers; Fabless chip designers; Foundries wafer manufacturers; Packaging (Assembly & Test) packaging and testing; and Semi Equipment & Materials semiconductor equipment and raw materials Suppliers and so on. 1, in the early stages of the development of the semiconductor industry, most companies are covering the whole industry chain manufacturing process, from chip design to wafer manufacturing, to the final packaging test. This is the so-called integrated device manufacturer IDM (Integrated Device Manufacturers). Currently the world's top 20 semiconductor manufacturers, Intel, Samsung, Texas Instruments, Toshiba and so are IDM. 2, in 2010 the world's top 20 semiconductor companies, although IDM companies still occupy the leading position in the industry, but some focus on the industry chain in a single link in the status of enterprises has been significantly improved. For example, in the top 20 companies appeared in the wafer manufacturing TSMC TSMC and focus on chip design Qualcomm, Broadcom, MediaTek and other companies.

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